Product Knowledge

To improve the Production Efficiency from the Source of Production

author:dahua time:2017-06-21

How to improve the crusher production efficiency from the source? Of course, feeding is the first step in the whole working process, it plays very important role. If there is the mistake at the source, the following process will be not perfect. 

1. Strictly control the feeding size, to prevent blockage of crushing cavity and block.

2. Strictly control the feeding quantity, to prevent block caused by overloading.

3. Even feeding, controlling feeding speed, to ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher.

4. Adjust the crusher angle, and make full use of the screening function to realize sieving.

5. Adjust the discharge opening size and bite angle, to max the machine processing capacity.

5. Make reasonable adjustment of the discharge opening size and the bite angle, to increase the equipment processing ability.