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Fault Solutions of Jaw Crusher

author:dahua time:2017-06-19

Jaw crusher is the main equipment in mining industry with wide application. How to repair the machine fault is of great importance. Now let's talk about it.

¬ Toggle plate break

Fault reason: 1. Overload of main crusher or the material size large than the feeding opening.

2. The non-crushed materials enter into the crushing cavity.

3. It is not parallel between toggle plates.

4. The casting parts have serious casting flaw.

Solution: 1. Replace the toggle plate and control the feeding granularity to prevent overload of crusher.

2. Replace the toggle plate and take measures to prevent the non-crushed materials enter into crusher.

3. Replace the toggle plate and the worn plate pad.

4. Replace the toggle plate with good quality,

¬ Flywheel rotates but the movable jaw does not move

Fault reason1. The toggle plate breaks.

2. The connecting rod damage.

3. The spring break.

Solution: 1. replace toggle plate.

2. Repair connecting rod

3. Replace spring

¬ The products granularity become big

Fault reason: there is obvious abrasion of tooth plate.

Solution: exchange head of the tooth plate or adjust the discharge opening.

¬ Overheat of bearing

Fault reason: 1. it is lack of lubrication grease.

2. The lubrication grease is dirty.

3. The bearing clearance is not suitable or the bearing connection is bad.

4. The bearings damage.

Solution: 1. add sufficient lubrication grease.

2. Clean the bearing and change the grease.

3. Using pad to adjust the bearing tightness or repair bearing base.

4. Replace bearings.