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Treatment Method of Bearing Heating of Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-08-28

The rotor of impact crusher has large momentum, low power consumption, which is suitable for the crushing of hard materials. The discharge granularity of impact crusher can be adjusted in a variety of ways, such as adjust the rotor speed, adjust the impacting plate and the clearance between crushing cavity. During operation process, machine bearings are alway running, appearing heating phenomenon. Today, we will talk about the treatment method of bearing heating.


1. When the bearing becomes heat, firstly check the oil level. Since the more of less oil amount will cause the bearing heating;


2. If there is no problem of the oil level, please check whether the top cover is too tight or not, adjust the tightness in time;


3. Regularly check the bearing wear degree. If the bearing is worn seriously, should replace a new one;


4. Replace the end cap and sealing cover, or loose the bearing cap on the hot side of bearing.