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Use Range and Attentions of Gyratory Crusher

author:dahua time:2021-03-05

The gyratory crusher is a large crusher which makes use of the gyratory movement of the crushing cone in the inner cone cavity to extrude, split and bend the material for various kinds of rocks and stones. Gyratory crusher is a typical coarse crushing equipment in a large mineral dressing plant. Both gyratory crusher and jaw crusher can be used as coarse crushing machinery. Compared with the two, the advantages of gyratory crusher are: the crushing process is carried out continuously along the circular crushing chamber, so the production capacity is large, the unit power consumption is low, the work is stable, suitable for crushing sheet materials, and the particle size of crushing products is more uniform.

gyratory crusher application

Attentions of gyratory crusher:

(1) Check the operation situation, there should be no abnormal knocking sound inside the gyratory crusher. The feeding granularity should not be greater than 0.8 times of the crusher feeding port.

(2) Pay attention to the operation of the oil pump, and often check the oil flow indicator, oil temperature and oil pressure indicator, etc. The temperature of the oil after passing through the cooler shall not be higher than 45.53℃, the oil return temperature shall not be higher than 60E, and the oil shall be fed to the upper suspension device on time.

(3) Pay attention to check the tightness of the triangle belt. The tension can be measured by pressing the triangle belt with the thumb. If the pressure is not more than 1.5m, the tightness is appropriate (the measurement must be made before driving or after parking). Check whether there is fracture, and pay attention to the triangle belt do not stick oil.

(4) Check whether the lining board of each part is loose, missing and serious wear and tear.

(5) Strictly check the feeding situation, and effectively prevent the hammer head, drill and other metal objects into the crushing chamber.

(6) Whether the machine runs smoothly and whether the material inlet and outlet is smooth.