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What are the Factors Affecting the Price of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-03-04

The jaw crusher is one of the mainstream crushing equipment with large sales volume and high production efficiency in mining machinery and equipment. Jaw crusher is popular in the market, mainly because of its simple structure and low practical cost. Customers tend to be very concerned about the price factor, so, what are the factors that affect the price of jaw crusher?

jaw crusher at sand production line

Generally speaking, the high price of an item is mainly due to the high cost of raw materials. Because the main raw material of jaw crusher is steel, the price fluctuation of steel will directly affect the price of jaw crusher. If the price of steel rises, then the price of jaw crusher will also increase, and vice versa, if the price of steel falls, then the price of jaw crusher will also reduce. Of course, here do not rule out some crusher manufacturers choose inferior steel, in order to reduce production costs so as to lower the price of jaw crusher to seize customers.

Secondly, the technical level of jaw crusher will also affect its price. The technical level directly affects the performance of jaw crusher. General high technical content of the jaw crusher has higher research and development investment, manufacturers in order to provide customers with better products, need to spend more manpower, material resources and financial resources, thus increasing the production cost of jaw crusher, so it increases the price of jaw.

Moreover, the market supply of jaw crusher will also affect its price. The jaw crusher is almost used in the ore manufacturing industry, if the weather is bad in the main ore operation area at the moment, fewer consumers are buying jaw crusher this time, and more jaw crusher is available on the market, which may lead to a decline in the price of jaw crusher.

jaw crusher factory price

Jaw crusher brand, jaw crusher manufacturers will also affect its price. The jaw crusher of big brands and manufacturers may be more expensive. It seems that the investment cost is high, but the jaw crusher produced by professional well-known crusher manufacturers has better performance, more stable quality and follow-up after-sales service, so in fact, the income will not be less.

The jaw crusher is used for crushing all kinds of ore and rock. It often forms a complete set of sand and stone production line together with cone crusher, impact crusher and sand making machine. The jaw crusher price will affect the price of the whole production line. When you build or expand the stone crushing production line, you can select the appropriate jaw crusher and other crushing equipment according to the above aspects. 

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