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Using Attentions of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua time:2019-11-04

Sand making machine, also known as vertical impact crusher. It is a relatively common used crushing equipment in the production process of sand and stone aggregates, mainly used for crushing medium crushed products into 3-5mm. Through observe some relevant data of sand making machine during using process, we can know whether the equipment is running well, can be timely found equipment fault, so as to solve the problem faster and better, to avoid bring greater losses. Here, we introduce the using attentions of sand making machine.

sand making machine

1. Ammeter reading -- observe its fluctuation

A large current may indicate that the feeding amount is too large, that the crushing chamber or the machine base has accumulated too much material, or that friction occurs between the center feeding tube and the impeller receiving port, that the discharge hopper is blocked, and that there are mechanical or electrical faults

A small current may indicate a small amount of feed, a slip in the drive belt or an electrical fault.

The different current of the double drive motor may indicate that the tension adjustment of the driving belt is uneven, and there are electrical or mechanical faults. The current error of the two motors should be less than 20A.

2. Noise level

Increased noise may indicate bearing damage, slip of the drive belt, wear of the accumulated material in the crushing chamber, and friction between the central feed tube and the impeller.

3. The vibration

Increased vibration may indicate uneven wear of worn parts or rotors, unbalance of rotors due to uneven accumulations, damage of vibration pads, loosening of the rotor or pulley cone sleeve.

sand making machine using attentions

4. Material flow

The increase of feeding material humidity may increase the amount of accumulated materials in the rotor, crushing chamber and frame. By observing the discharge situation of the crusher, it is usually found the condition of accumulated materials.

5. Dust emission

When feeding, there should be no large amount of dust discharge, otherwise, should check: too little feeding amount may cause the crusher to discharge dust from feeding hopper and discharging hopper.

The above is the using attentions of sand making machine listed by Luoyang Dahua, if you have any doubt in use or in the purchase of equipment, please contact us: