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What are the Types of Crushing and Sand Making Equipment?

author:dahua1 time:2019-11-04

Artificial sand making is to make the mountain stone and the river pebbles excavated from the river channel crushed by the crusher, and the sand making machine is finely shaped and shaped to become sand suitable for construction. It can be processed into sand of different rules and sizes according to different process requirements, which is more satisfying. Daily needs. The sand treated by the crusher and sand making machine has uniform grain size, fineness, excellent grain shape, reasonable gradation, and meets the national safety sand standards. It can completely replace natural river sand, and the rapid development of the infrastructure industry. The demand for aggregates of sand and gravel has increased, and the resources of natural sand and gravel have been decreasing. Many investment users have joined the industry.

What are the crushing and sand making equipment?

The technology of machine-made sand has been relatively mature and stable. The types of equipment that can be used for crushing and sand-making are abundant, the types are various, the needs of users are different, and the types of equipment used are different. The main processing flow of gravel sand is Broken, sand-making, according to the needs can be configured with a variety of types of sanding production line, the following describes several commonly used gravel sanding equipment to help users better purchase.

1. Broken: There are many types of stones, hardness, humidity, blockiness, etc. will be different. For the type of materials, choose the appropriate crushing equipment; generally use the jaw crusher for rough breaking, impact crusher, cone crusher. The hammer crusher is processed in the middle and fine crushing. The equipment has different sizes of feed and discharge, different functions, and many optional types of equipment.

2. Sand making: There are many types of sand making equipment, including PLS series vertical impact crusher/sand making machine, PLK series vertical shaft impact crusher/sand making machine, PFL series vertical composite crusher/sand making machine, mobile type Different series such as sand making machine make sand shaping for stone, the particle size of the discharge is adjustable, the shape of the grain is cubic, the content of impurities and stone powder is small, and the industrial application value is high.


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Where is the best value for money of the crusher?

Buying equipment is coming to Henan to take a look and compare. Why buy crushing equipment in Henan? Henan is a large industrial province. There are many mining machinery and equipment manufacturers, and the technology and strength are strong. It can provide equipment with good quality and performance. The manufacturers are mainly divided into direct selling manufacturers and agent manufacturers. The user has a wider range of choices. Henan is located in the Central Plains. The raw materials for the production of heavy equipment in the region are relatively abundant. In addition, the economic level and price level of the region are relatively low. Therefore, the investment cost of users is not high. The local traffic is in good condition, the transportation equipment is very convenient, the after-sales service is fast, and the problem is solved in time. The number of manufacturers is large, the market competition will be relatively large, and various preferential activities are available. Equipment can be purchased at an affordable price, saving Production costs, specific prices still need to consult the manufacturer.

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