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Wear Reason of Cone Crusher's Liner Plate

author:dahua time:2017-08-07

In cone crusher, the crushing chamber is a cavity that formed between the two liner plates. Therefore, the liner plates are directly contact with the materials, and are the main wearing parts of the cone crusher. Many customers say that the liner plates of cone crusher are worn too fast and enhance the production costs. Today, let's talk about the wear reason of liner plate.


1. The liner plates bear huge force

The movable cone liner plate (mantle) and the fixed cone liner plate (concave ring) as well as the crushed ore form a 3d abrasive wear. The liner plate surface is in the complex force state. The local surface of liner plate bears huge force generated from the extruding ores, at the same time, the high speed rotated movable cone produces a huge shear stress, both of them applied on the liner plate, which makes cutting, impacting and squeezing as the main abrasion act on the liner plate.


2. Mineral hardness and granularity

The liner plate wear degree is different according the crushed materials' hardness. The harder the materials are, the huger the impacting force is. When the minerals have same hardness, the ores with large size generate serious abrasion on the liner plate.


For example, if the cone crusher crushes the ordinary limestone, the liner plate (mantle and concave ring) can be used for about half year to one year. But if it used to crush hard materials like granite, the liner plate will be changed after using one month.


3. The feeding method

If the feeding device of cone crusher is installed improperly, or the feeding materials are too much, it will cause the crushing chamber blocking to make the unilateral liner plate bears more force and increase the cutting abrasion.