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Influence Factors of Sand Making Machine Abrasion

author:dahua time:2017-08-04

Sand making machine is also calledcobble sand maker and the core equipment in artificial mechanism sand production. It has high crushing performance and output, which is able to meet the requirements of sand and stone aggregates. 


But through years of exposure to sun and rain, or the self operation problem, the machine working efficiency will become low and the main spare parts like bearing, impact block (called hammer board), impact liner plate, and rotor cover, etc. will be worn. How to make these parts playing the best role, and prolonging the service life? 


Firstly, let's know about bearings of sand making machine. Bearings are used to fix hammer head and impacting plate or hammer board to make it fit well with motor. Moreover, the machine's rotating device and driving device are connecting through bearings, so the bearings are the necessary parts of the crusher. The lubrication oil and lubricant are used to lubricate the bearings, which can effectively reduce the wear and tear, and extend the service life. 


Secondly, let's talk about the solution of sand making machine abrasion. Impacting block (hammer board) is the most serious worn part in the process of sand making, so what are the affecting factors? Excluding the normal abrasion, the processing capacity also has influence on the hammer board. When the processing capacity is increased, the products granularity becomes coarse; the crushing ratio is decrease, so the unit abrasion of hammer board is lower. At the same time, changing the discharge gap is able to change the particle size, so as to influence the abrasion situation.


In addition to the above situation, the daily inspection is necessary. After each shift, the workers should take fully inspection, especially on the bearing, impacting plate, and liner plate. The gap between rotor and impacting plate can be adjusted if necessary to relieve the parts abrasion.