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How to improve the Working Efficiency of Ball Mill?

author:dahua time:2017-08-02

1. Control the feeding granularity

The materials granularity that feed into the ball mill should be controlled between 25-15mm (different diameter of ball mill has different feeding granularity). The fine materials will cause the ball mill has too much fine materials which can not realize the friction between each other. If the materials are larger, it will need more time for the mill to crush, so as to increase the abrasion degree of steel ball and liner plate, as well as enhance the repair costs.

2. Feed the material evenly

The feeding method is also important. The less feeding amount will lead the steel ball striking or beating each other, and the much feeding amount will cause the ball mill swelling, and thus lower the ball moving efficiency, the qualified materials cannot be discharged. Therefore, the materials should be fed evenly.

3. Enhance the liner plate quality and increase the barrel volume

Enhance the barrel volume can improve the ball mill working efficiency. Ordinary alloy liner plate has thick thickness and large weight, which reduces the ball mill volume and increase the power consumption, lower the working efficiency. Therefore, the liner plate quality is very important, ZGMn13 liner plate is the suitable choice. This plate is wearable with suitable thickness, the surface hardness is up to HV500.

4. Choose suitable steel ball matching

Steel ball diameter and its proportion are different based on the different grinding situation. The diameter of steel ball is Φ120、Φ100、Φ80、Φ60、Φ40mm, etc. If the ball mill has much massive materials, the ration of large diameter should be more. If there are more small pieces, the smaller diameter should be more. Since large ball are used for crushing, the small balls for materials fine grinding.

Dahua high-efficiency and saving-energy ball mill adopts rolling bearing substituting for sliding bearing, which can save energy 10-20% compared with sliding bearing. The discharge size is 0.8-5mm.


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