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What are the Restriction Factors for the Crushing Machine?

author:dahua time:2017-08-01

Crushing machine is an indispensable machine in mining and aggregates production, but the inner and external factors restrict its production efficiency. Solving these problems can improve the crushing efficiency, here, Luoyang Dahua will analysis the restriction factors for you.

1. Improper operation reduces the output

The users who do not know the working principle completely operate the crushing machine improperly during daily production will influence the production efficiency.

2. Material hardness

The harder the materials are, the more difficult for crushing, and the more serious for the abrasion of crushing machine. These need us to choose the proper type of machine according to the materials hardness in order to enhance the production output and reduce the repair costs.

3. Material humidity

If the materials contain plenty of water, they are easy to be adhered to the crusher and block the discharge opening so as to reduce the crushing capacity.

4. Material composition

The finer powder contained in the raw materials, the more difficult to convey. Therefore, for the materials with more fine powder, should take prescreen before crushing in case to affect the normal working.