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Wearing Parts of Impact Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-06-05

Impact crusher mainly used impacting force to crush rock and stone. The spares parts are an important part of the crushing equipment and need to be replaced on time. What are the wearing parts of impact crusher? What reason causes these parts worn out?

Plate hammer, plate hammer is one of the key wearing parts of impact crusher. Good quality of plate hammer not only uses for a long time, but also obtains the high grade finished products. On the contrary, bad plate hammer will cause fast abrasion or even fractured. In addition, due to the poor quality of bolts, often loosening and fractured, which cause the plate hammer fall off or broken.

Impacting plate, the function of impacting plate is to bear the impact of the material hit by the plate hammer, so that the material is broken by the impacting force, and rebounds the broken material back to the impact zone to obtain the required product granularity. Impact plate casted by high manganese steel, in comparison, the wear resistance of high manganese steel is lower, so the impact plates are easy to be worn.

BP impact crusher

Liner plate, liner plate is fixed on the impacting plate, and also the material repeatedly rebound from the rotor, which cause the liner worn and aging to make its strike-resistance ability lower. It often causes liner fall down, and also decreases the production capacity of crusher.

Compression block, The compression block is applied to all kinds of mining machinery with excellent material and stable performance, which can be made according to different requirements. Due to the machine with load test run finished, shall not make the necessary adjustment to compression block, which cause the compression block fractured or worn.