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The Influence of Pulp Concentration in Ore Dressing Process

author:dahua1 time:2019-06-05

As we all know there are many types of grading equipments in ore dressing equipments. Today, we will talk about the common knowledge of grading equipments. Grading equipment is often what we said spiral classifier. It is the gravity equipment, lowering the grading concentration is better during working process.

During working process, if the materials density is small, the viscosity of pulp will become higher and higher, the partial size of products will be large, and the return sand fraction content is increased. Therefore, when grading the high density ore, the operator should increase the grading concentration; when grading the small density ore, should decrease the concentration.

Pulp concentration is of great important to the operation of grading equipment. If the density decreases too much, the pulp volume will be increased, and the flow velocity (up flow velocity and horizontal flow velocity) is also increased. As a consequence, the coarse partials are flushed into the overflow products, the setting velocity or ore grain becomes faster, the granularity overflow products are finer. On the contrary, the pulp concentration is thicker, the granularity of overflow grain is more coarse.

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