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What Effect does the Feed Size have on the Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-17

In the gravel aggregate production line, our common crusher equipment includes sand crushing processing equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher. The feed of the sand crusher is very important for the processing of the crusher. Each crusher has its own feed size. If there is a difference between the feed size and the crusher, what problems may occur? Let's talk about the effect of the feed size on the crushing opportunity.

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If the grain size of the sand crusher is too serious to cause serious damage to the sand crusher, the grain size of the sand crusher must meet the requirements. When the particle size of the sand crusher is too large, it will cause serious damage to the crusher. Whether it is soft or medium hardness, it will cause different damage to the crusher. At the same time, the feed particle size will increase the speed of the crusher wear. 

The size of the feed port of each type of sand crusher is specified, so the feed size should be clearly defined, and the phenomenon of jamming occurs when the feed size is too large. The parts of the sand crusher are damaged. During the jamming, the breaker of the crusher does not stop rotating, the contact material between the breaker and the crushing roller is less, and the direct contact wear of the same material wearing parts will be accelerated. Large pieces of sand and other materials enter the sand crusher equipment. Under the same kind of quality, the larger the particle sizes of the material, the greater the difficulty of grinding, and the damage to the wearing parts of the crusher is also serious. The material is too large to increase the operation of the sand crusher, so that the crusher is exhausted and the crusher failure rate is further improved.

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Large pieces of stone enter the crusher. Under the same kind of quality, the larger the material size, the more difficult the grinding is, and the more serious the damage to the crusher. The excessive height of the stone will increase the load on the crusher, which will easily cause the machine to be exhausted and further increase the equipment failure rate. Under the same production intensity, the excessive particle size of the feed will shorten the service life of the crusher parts and greatly reduce the service life of the equipment.

If your material size exceeds the size specified by the crusher, then you need a deep cavity to break through the advanced nature. The material meets the feed size of the crusher and is fed into the equipment, so the damage to the equipment will be small. Efficiency will also be greatly improved. According to the equipment description, the production arrangement is the basic premise and guarantee of equipment production efficiency, output and equipment service life.