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What Kinds of Stone Aggregates can be crushed by Impact Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-09-17

In an aggregate production line, we usually use jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and sand making machine. Crushing different materials need to choose different crusher for treatment. Due to high crushing efficiency, good particle shape, and low investment cost, impact crusher is very popular in mining industry. But it cannot suitable for the crushing of all stone aggregates. What aggregate can be crushed by impact crusher? 

Impact crusher can treat the material with the length of 100-500mm, compressive strength up to 350Mpa. The finished products are in cubic shape, the discharging opening is adjustable, and the crusher has diversity of crushing specifications.

What aggregate can be crushed by impact crusher

1. Impact crusher is used for secondary crushing, due to the limited of feeding size, too large block of stone cannot be directly feed into the impact crusher. We recommend that the material with size smaller than 500mm can be feed into the impact crusher directly, larger than 500mm, need to add jaw crusher for primary crushing. Furthermore, different types of crusher is used for crushing different size of materials, when choosing the crusher, we need to choose according to the material specification.

2. When using impact crusher, it should be noted that the crushed materials cannot have too high viscosity, viscosity is too high, resulting in the density among materials will be relatively large. At the same time, toughness will be strong, material not only cannot be crushed to satisfactory results, but also bring a series of early troubles to the crusher, high viscosity material is easy to adhere to the crushing wall, which has a great impact on the crusher maintenance work and subsequent production.

3. Impact crusher uses impacting force to break materials. Driven by the motor, the materials strike with plate hammer, and then rebounded to the impacting plate for further crushing. If the crushed material is very hard, such as granite and basalt, it would fasten the abrasion of plate hammer and impacting plate, shorten their service life, need to change the wearing parts frequently, so as to enhance the maintenance cost and reduce the impact crusher service life.

what aggregates can be crushed by impact crusher

4. For impact crusher, the material cannot content too much fine powder. Otherwise, the fine powder will leave inside the crushing cavity, in the long term, it will influence the crusher running. Therefore, before feeding the material, we need to use vibrating screen to screen out fine powder, so as not to cause improper operation of the equipment and reduce the service life. 

In conclusion, impact crusher is suitable for the crushing of medium hardness materials, with low viscosity, small humidity, and less fine powder, such as limestone, dolomite, gypsum, etc.

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