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Which Equipment is used for Waste Steel Slag Treatment? How to configure A Steel Slag Processing Line?

author:dahua time:2019-09-18

Recently, a customer inquired that we would like to configure a steel slag production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons, which equipment should be equipped with? Steel slag is the waste slag produced in metallurgical industry, and its production rate is 8%~15% of the output of crude steel. The annual output of steel slag in China is about 110 million tons. If the steel slag can be recycled, a large amount of valuable metal can be recovered and the environmental burden can be reduced. So what kind of equipment is used for waste steel slag treatment?

Here, we will firstly introduce the PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher developed by Luoyang Dahua. The equipment belongs to the single-cylinder hydraulic jaw crusher, which can be used in the primary and medium crushing of steel slag. The main advantages are as follows:

1. It can be used for selective crushing of materials with different compressive strength; 2. Reliable protection can automatically discharge non-crushing material, effectively solve the problem of "stuck steel" in the crushing process of steel slag; 3. Automatic reset after iron discharging can realize continuous production without shutdown; 4. The single hydraulic cylinder supported by the hydraulic station cannot only adjust the size of the discharge opening, but also discharge the unbreakable material; 5. The equipment is equipped with position sensor, which can accurately display the layout size and so on.

waste steel slag processing line

Next, we introduce the steel slag rod mill, usually used with PEY jaw crusher. Steel rod mill is equipped with steel rod as grinding medium, which has very high strength and hardness, and can have a great impact on steel slag. Luoyang Dahua steel slag rod mill adopts rolling bearing, saving 20% energy, feeding particle size is between 50-100mm, discharging is below 5mm, using different grinding, impacting, and stripping functions to grind the slag.

waste steel slag treatment crusher

How to configure steel scrap processing line?

Usually, according to the customer's needs and specific requirements to choose a suitable product model, different manufacturers of product models, prices are different. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay off", large manufacturers will invest more financial and material resources in equipment research and development, as well as high-level technical personnel in personnel allocation. Therefore, the production equipment will have greater advantages in terms of quality and performance, and after-sales service will also be guaranteed. Luoyang Dahua is a cooperative enterprise of Baosteel, Shougang Group, and Masteel in China. The following is a case of waste steel slag treatment production line designed by Luoyang Dahua:

waste steel slag treatment crusher


waste steel slag treatment crusher

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