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Limestone Crusher Machine, Multiple Model Impact Crushers for Your Selection

author:dahua time:2019-08-22

Impact crusher is the common used crusher machine in stone crushing production line. It is suitable for the medium and fine crushing of medium hard and soft materials. Limestone is medium hard rock with big brittleness, so impact crusher is the first choice for limestone crushing. There are multiple model impact crusher for selection, from 30tph to 800tph.

Impact crusher model for limestone crushing

There are multiple manufacturers to make impact crushers in the market, here we introduce the model of Dahua impact crusher to meet the requirement of limestone crushing.

Luoyang Dahua, as an independent research and development manufacturer of the production of crusher equipment, the production of each equipment is after strict design review, according to the manufacturing standards and quality testing. The main models of the production are PFQ1310, PFQ1315, PFQ1520, etc., with the capacity ranging from the minimum 50t/h to 1200t/h, various specifications are available.

Model Max. Feed Size(mm) Discharge Size
<150MPa <250MPa
PFQ1108 300 150 30 50~100 75
PFQ1110 400 200 30 80~150 110
PFQ1310 500 200 40 140~200 160
PFQ1313 500 250 40 180~260 200
PFQ1315 600 300 40 200~300 250
PFQ1320 600 300 40 300~400 2×160
PFQ1520 800 400 40 350~550 2×250
PFQ1823 1000 500 40 550~850 2×400
PFQ2223 1200 600 40 850~1200 2×560

Characteristics of limestone impact crusher

Luoyang Dahua PFQ impact crusher has a unique three-cavity vortex design, large feed size; Strong rotational inertia and hammerhead impacting force, higher crushing capacity, better grain shape. High quality wear resistant material, long service life, ensure product shape and gradation stability. The crushing cavity lining plate and impact board are interchangeable, with strong universality, high utilization rate and reduced inventory cost.

impact crusher characteristic

Different impact crusher price

We all know that no matter which manufacturer it is, the price varies with the type of equipment. In addition, the quality and technical level of a device are not the same, which will affect the price of the equipment. Equipment raw material supply channels are different, the cost price will be different. Luoyang Dahua is located in the middle of China, there are many raw material suppliers in the surrounding areas. With convenient transportation conditions, the cost price of equipment is cheaper than that of manufacturers in other areas. In addition, we are factory direct sales, without any price difference, look forward to building cooperate with you wholeheartedly.

impact crusher price

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