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Maintenance of Impact Crusher Machine

author:dahua time:2019-08-23

Impact crusher uses impacting force to treat materials that mainly used for medium crushing and fine crushing for soft and medium hard rocks. In order to make sure the normal work of impact crusher, and prolong its service life, daily maintenance is unnecessary. Keep the following points in mind:

1. Impact crusher should be added grease with dry pump in time. Add once MoS2 Lithium Grease per shift. Replace grease once 2000 working hours, clean bearing and bearing cavity. When assemble the bearing seat to the end, should pay attention to the position of oil mouth (up in, bottom out). While the equipment operating, the block of out oil tube should be taken out to allow outflow of hot grease.

2.  Keep the attention of bearing temperature, if it is unusual, remove it in time.

hard rock impact crusher

3.  If there is any abnormal noise while the crusher operating, should stop and check.

4.  Regularly check fasteners and tighten loose bolts in time.

5.  Seal should be regularly replaced to ensure that the sealing effect.

6. Operators should complete the record while shift: the wear of wearable parts, such as hammerhead, impact plate, feed tray, bearing temperature, output size and equipment operating conditions etc.

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