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How does the Ore Cone Crusher improve the Crushing Efficiency?

author:dahua1 time:2019-08-22

The ore cone crusher is a mechanical device used for ore crushing on sand and gravel production lines. The ore crushers commonly used in sand and gravel production lines are crushing machinery such as jaw crushers, impact crushers and hammer crushers. Today, Luoyang Dahua is here to show you how to improve the crushing efficiency of the ore crusher.

In the production and crushing process of the aluminum ore cone crusher, if the crushed material needs to contain impurities, it is easy to cause the aluminum ore cone crusher to block the problem. Therefore, how to make customer to meet this situation when solving problems by themselves, to realize the effect of the save Labor when the province, but also improve the utilization rate of the broken products.

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First, it is necessary to check the source of the raw materials, pre-screen the materials that need to be broken, filter the materials that do not meet the crushing requirements, and reduce the problems of the aluminum ore crushing machine.

Second, it is necessary to ensure that the material is dry before crushing. There are still some ore that is difficult to handle before crushing, such as screening, washing, ore blending, etc., to ensure the cleanliness of the material to control the moisture content before crushing. If there is still material that cannot be dropped during the pulverization process, measures should be taken to reduce the speed of the main shaft and increase the discharge port. However, if the angle cannot be adjusted peacefully when adjusting the discharge port, measures should be taken. For ore crushers, the average particle size of the ore crusher feed equivalent is typically about one-half of the maximum allowable feed size, so the number of layers in the feed layer is about two. In this case, the crushing and processing yield of the entire ore crusher can be increased.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science and Technology CO., LTD. is a mining machinery and equipment manufacturer. Luoyang Dahua has been striving to provide more ideal mining machinery and equipment for the majority of users. After research, it is found that the stratified crushing method can achieve the energy saving purpose of the ore crusher, in order to maximize improve the utilization rate of the crusher, the layered crushing feed needs to meet certain conditions. When the bulk material is 6×10 layers, the energy saving and consumption reduction of the equipment is more obvious.