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Operation Points of Dahua Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-08-21

In the use process, improper operation will cause unnecessary failure and affect the working efficiency of impact crusher. Like the operation of feeding and discharging, seems to be simple, but in fact it has a lot of knowledge. Feed overload or uneven, will affect the crushing effect of impact crusher. How to carry out scientific impact crusher operation?

dahua impact crusher

Use of Dahua impact crusher

1. Choose proper electrical cabinet according to motor type. The motor is started by electrical cabinet.

2. Start the machine non-load. Feed material until the impact crusher runs evenly and makes sure the evenly feeding and not overload.

3. Stop feeding and empty the material in cavity and then stop the crusher.

Material Feeding

1. The materials for feeding should be consistent with the crusher design, feed size can not exceed the scope of the provision, and water content may not exceed 5%, so as not to affect the capacity of crusher or paste machine.

2. All metal materials are prohibited to put in, thus can prevent hammerhead, impact plate and bearing etc. from damage.

dahua impact crusher

Material Discharging

1. Discharge hopper should be unimpeded so as to avoid overload from discharging sluggish.

2. Regularly check-out discharging, wearing of hammerhead and impact plate and the V-belt tension. If there is problem, should adjust and replace in time.

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