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What Reason cause the Spare Parts of Jaw Crusher wear out?

author:dahua time:2019-06-04

Jaw crusher is used to crush large block of rocks into required granularity, preparing for the following crushing step. Undoubtedly, the spare parts of jaw crusher would be worn out or damaged. What reason cause the spare parts wear out?

jaw crusher spare part

Jaw plate - Jaw plate brittleness, particle size, and density change may cause the wear of jaw plate. At the same time, the speed of eccentric shaft is too fast, the swing jaw swing too may times and the crushed material is too late to full discharged, which cause the crushing chamber blocked and speed up the jaw plate wear.

Bearing - Bearing heat is mainly due to the oil pipe blockage, oil leakage, or the oil is too dirty. Bearing circulation cooling water device failure, discharge port is too small that the eccentric shaft force is large, etc., will also cause bearing heat。

Tooth plate - the main reason of tooth plate wearing is due to the comparatively sliding compared with tooth plate, which leads to the distortion caused by frequent squeezing between metal scrap and surface material of tooth plate. The aging of the metal material will fall off finally.