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What are the Common Failures of Cone Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2018-10-08

First, the main bearing leaks

Reason: ① The water pipe joint is not strict; ② the spherical tile has cracks.

Solution: ① Joint is reassembled with sealant, water pipe joint is strengthened and sealed; ② Spherical groove crack is repaired by bonding method or repair welding method.

Second, the drive shaft and bearing housing connection bolt break

Reason: ① The coupling of the drive shaft is not installed correctly, the deviation is too large; ② The load on the drive shaft is too large; ③ The strength of the drive shaft is not enough or the quality is not good; ④ The bearing is not installed properly, or its connecting bolt is loose (or too tight) ).

Solution: ① Re-align the coupling installation; ② Prevent overload phenomenon; ③ Replace the good quality drive shaft; ④ Adjust the bearing installation, replace the bolts, and tighten the bolts moderately.

Third, the leakage of the lining connection bolt

Reason:① The lining bolt is loose or broken; ② The lining plate is seriously worn; ③ The sealing gasket is worn.

Solution: ① Tighten or replace the bolt; ② Repair or replace the liner; ③ Replace the gasket.

Fourth, the reducer drives a large vibration when the cone breaks

Reason: The cone is broken and the balance shaft of the reducer, because the shaft center is not in the straight line, causing huge vibration when the reducer drives the cone to break.

Solution: Re-adjust the cone so that the cone breaking axis is on the same plane axis as the shaft of the reducer.

Fifth, the feed end leaks.

Reason: ① The gap between the feed chute and the feed screw barrel and between the feeder and the funnel is large, and the seal is poor; ② The seal felt pad wears or falls off.

Solution: ① Adjust the gap, seal well; ② Replace the felt pad.