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What are the advantages of dry sand making process of sand making machine?

author:dahua time:2020-07-29

With the development of social construction, the natural sand and stone has been in short supply. With the introduction of the river sand restriction policy, the amount of natural sand on the market has become less and less, and mechanical sand has gradually been replaced by natural sand. The sand making technology mainly includes dry sand making process and wet sand making process, and dry sand making process is more widely used. This paper mainly introduces the advantages of dry sand making process.

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1. Dry sand making process is not subject to environmental restrictions. Dry sand production is not restricted by water sources or the environment. It can also be made in places where water is scarce. But traditional wet production lines must produce mechanism sand where water is abundant.

2. Reduced production cost. Wet production line needs a lot of water to wash sand after producing sand, which requires a lot of water resources, while dry production line does not need to use water. To some extent, it has reduced the capital input.

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3. Save resource and protect the environment. Wet sand production process requires a lot of water to clean the sand. In a sense, this is an expansion of water resources, and the erosion of stone powder produced in the production process is also an expansion of mineral resources. The dry production line does not need to be cleaned with water, and the stone powder produced in the production process can be used equitably, so as to save water and mineral resources to a certain extent, which is more environmentally friendly than the wet production line.

4. Improve the grade of artificial sand. The mud powder in artificial sand can be removed after the classifier to reach the scale of building sand. The content of stone powder in artificial sand can also be controlled within the scope stipulated by the state through the classifier, so as to improve the compression ratio.

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