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What is the Maximum Feeding Size of Sand Making Machine?

author:dahua time:2020-12-29

The feeding size of sand making machine refers to the particle size of material entering into crushing cavity. Generally, the sand making machine feed particle size is in a range, beyond this range, it will cause damage to the equipment.

There are several factors that determine the feed grain size of sand making machine: size of feed opening, the large the feed opening, the larger the feed particle size of the material. The depth of the feeding chamber, the deeper the feeding chamber, the larger the feed particle size it can hold. 

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Why is it necessary to strictly control the feed size? This is because in the actual production process of sand making machine, its processing capacity is limited. Different types and specifications of the sand making machine can deal with different particle sizes. Take the sand making machine produced by Dahua Luoyang as an example: The grain size required by PLS550 impact sand making machine is 30mm; The grain size required by PLS850 impact sand making machine is 50mm; The grain size required by PLS1000 impact sand making machine is 60mm. It can be seen from the above that the feeding size required by the sand making machine has certain requirements, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of equipment operation and cause equipment damage. Therefore, no matter what type and model of sand making machine we use, we must strictly comply with the feeding requirements of the equipment in the process of operation and production so as to successfully complete the production plan and bring higher economic benefits.

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Because different sand making machines have their own limited feeding requirements, if the particle size is too large, it is easy to cause blockage and the crusher will lose its crushing function. Luoyang Dahua crusher manufacturers here suggests: for some oversize materials, should be screened in advance. Reasonable feeding quantity is also very important, which can not only improve production efficiency but also improve the life of wearing parts. If the feeding amount has reached 70% to 90% of the full capacity of the sand making machine impeller, it means that the output has reached the peak. If the feed amount is too small, it will not only reduce the production efficiency, but also increase the wear and tear of sand making machine parts. Users in the operation of the sand making machine must pay more attention to this issue.