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What is the Output Size of the 850 Sand Making Machine? What are the Adjustment Methods?

author:dahua time:2020-12-28

850 stone sand making machine

The output size of the sand making machine

The particle size of the sand making machine is related to the hardness of the rock and the particle size of the input. The smaller the input particle size is, the ore is more likely to be broken, and the higher the qualified rate of the product particle size is, otherwise, it will be lower. The maximum feeding size of the sand making machine is <50 mm. The impeller speed is 1570 r/min. It is driven by double motor and the passing capacity is 95-160 tons per hour. Generally in order to achieve more than 90% of the qualified rate of product particle size, it is necessary to adopt grading equipment for closed-circuit crushing in the early stage. The output particle size of the sand making machine on the market is about 4.75mm. Users can adjust the output particle size by themselves according to the production demand. So what are the specific adjustment methods?

Grain size adjustment method of 850 sand making machine

1. There is a wedge or gasket adjusting device between the roller wheels of the impact sand making machine.

(1) The top of the wedge device is equipped with adjusting bolts. When the adjusting bolts pull the wedge upward, the wedge will fix the top of the movable roller, which will make the clearance between the roller wheels larger and the output particle size larger. If the wedge is downwards, the movable roller compacts the spring, and the gap between the two wheels becomes smaller, then the output particle size will become smaller。

(2) The pad device adjusts the output particle size by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of the pad. The larger the clearance is, the larger the particle size of the discharge will be, and the smaller the clearance is, the smaller the produced sand particles will be.

2. Hammer type sand making machine has a simple structure, which is mainly composed of crusher body, crushing plate, rotor and rotary driving device. The user can adjust the final discharge granularity by controlling the clearance of the grate at the discharge port.

How much is 850 sand making machine

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