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What is the Process to produce Recycled Aggregate from Construction Waste?

author:dahua time:2020-09-07

What kind of machinery is needed for construction waste processing? The composition of construction waste is complex, including waste brick, waste tile, concrete block, residue, wire, metal and other objects. And the distribution is relatively dispersed, the distribution site space is relatively narrow, so in the crushing of construction waste we generally choose the mobile construction waste crusher, which is what we often say mobile crushing station.

construction waste crusher machine

1. First, the construction waste must be preprocessed. Use hydraulic hammer to crush the material for the convenience of equipment processing, and cut the impurities such as excessively long steel bar in advance so as not to damage the conveyor belt or cause equipment damage.

2. Use jaw crusher or impact crusher to break the material for the first time, and remove the large steel bar and other impurities in the material.

3. Iron removal and screening: metal impurities such as steel bar and building slag in the material are separated by iron remover, and the materials with different particle size are screened by vibrating screen. After screening, unqualified materials are sent to crushing equipment for reprocessing

4. If the manufacturer needs the finished products with smaller particle size, it can add the grinding process in the later stage of the process, and a grinding mill machine is used to further process the material.

construction waste crushing process