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What is the Prospect of the Construction Waste Reuse Market?

author:dahua1 time:2019-12-11

Construction waste is the product of the comprehensive acceleration of the construction industry's metabolism. Most construction waste is solid waste. Generally, it refers to construction waste caused by man-made or natural reasons in the project, mainly including concrete, mortar, bricks, steel bars and muck. , And other light materials such as wood and plastic for decoration. Nowadays, with the change of ideology and the advancement of technology, the construction waste industry is considered to be an inexhaustible "urban mine" with potential for development and a "misplaced resource". Research shows that after processing more than 90% of construction waste, it can be used as a raw material for construction materials and reused in urbanization construction. This is both a deepening and deepening of people's understanding of construction waste and an inevitable requirement for urban development.

Huge development space for construction waste reuse market

At present, there are only dozens of companies specializing in the reuse of construction waste in China. The national recycling rate is only about 5%, and the market space is huge. According to an estimate of 5 billion tons of new construction waste generated in China by 2020, if this construction waste can be converted into ecological building materials, the value created can reach 1 Trillion Yuan, and the market prospect is huge. According to the characteristics of China's current construction waste, the recycling rate can reach more than 95%. Utilizing a professional construction waste crushed stone production line, according to government requirements or corporate needs, construction waste disposal and finished product production can be performed directly at the site of large-scale demolition and reconstruction sites. After crushing and sieving, the construction waste can be crushed and reused to process a variety of first-class recycled products, such as stone brick powder, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, and recycled concrete materials. At present, China's construction industry is in a period of rapid development. The advancement of construction waste resources is seriously lagging behind, and the comprehensive utilization of construction waste is urgent. The state will vigorously support the promotion of construction waste recycling. The market space for the construction waste treatment industry is large and the future will be even more impressive.

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Which kind of crusher is better for crushing construction waste?

1. Meet different needs

There are two types of mobile crushing stations, crawler and tire, with different models and different types of crushers, which can meet the needs of different sites, the crushing needs of different materials, and the output can be adjusted according to demand.

2. Save investment costs

In terms of energy consumption, the mobile crusher adopts advanced technology to save fuel and electricity. In terms of installation and demolition, no foundation or transportation is needed, and the crusher can be assembled on the road, which can save a lot of energy. Expenses: In terms of operations, the entire work process has smooth discharge, stable operation, convenient operation adjustment, low failure rate, and low operating costs.

3. Low site requirements 

The mobile crushing station has a compact structure, easy installation, convenient transportation, and flexible walking. It is suitable for operating environments in various complex sites. It can be used for open or closed circuit production. It can perform crushing operations in various sites, mainly for high speeds. Crushing and screening operations in highways, railways, metallurgy, and mining, building materials and other industries that require frequent movement and relocation.

4. The environmental protection effect is very good

The crushing and screening processes of the mobile crusher are carried out inside the equipment, which has a good sealing effect, and is also equipped with a professional dust removal and noise reduction device; it goes directly to the processing site to avoid secondary occurrences during the transportation process of demolition Pollution, to reduce pollution to a lower limit, the environmental protection effect is good.