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What is the Reason for the Strong Vibration of Hammer Crusher?

author:dahua time:2021-04-29

In the use of the process, the sudden strong vibration of hammer crusher often let Dahua customers particularly worried. Luoyang Dahua has rich experience in the production of crusher machine, today we will talk about the reason for the strong vibration of hammer crusher.

The first is that the crusher rotor bearing, the inner and outer ring of the gear bearing and other parts are squeezed and worn due to the long running time, the working ability of the product is weakened, and the gap between the connecting pieces is enlarged, resulting in unstable operation. At a certain speed, the vibration of the crusher will become more intense, and it is even possible to make the hammer crusher out of balance.

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There is also a possibility that the crusher hammer head quality is not good, resulting in uneven structure and uneven strength. It doesn't change very much at first, but as time goes on, uneven wear will show up, causing severe shaking and sometimes even breaking. Therefore, the protection of the hammer head of the hammer crusher is also very important. Luoyang Dahua specialized in the production of various mineral processing equipments, if Dahua users want to avoid this situation, we must protect the hammer head of the hammer crusher, and the running time is not too long.

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