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What is the Reason of Impact Crusher having large Dust?

author:dahua time:2017-08-10

1. The materials are crushed by the high speed rotated hammer head, and the materials granularities will become finer and finer after carrying out multistep crushing in the crushing chamber. Driving by the rotor, the fine materials will fly out due to their self inertia, which generate large dusts during working process.


2. The impacting liner plate and hammer head are worn after the impact crusher working for a long time, or even the hammer head is broken, and the liner plate fall off. The above situation causes leakproofness of impact crusher is poor and the large amounts of fine particles fly out.


The experts from Luoyang Dahua take some measures to improve the performance of impact crusher to reduce the dust emission. We upgrade the material of liner plate and hammer head to enhance the hardness and abrasion resistance, so as to prolong their service life. Dahua PFQ impact crusher can be widely used for sand and aggregate processing in water conservancy and hydropower projects and other infrastructure constructions.


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