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What is the configuration of the mobile cobble sand making production line? How much is the whole production line?

author:dahua time:2020-07-01

As the new town construction, the market demand for sand and gravel aggregate is more and more big. Luoyang Dahua as China professional manufacturer for aggregates crushing production, over the years development, it has a wealth of experience, play their own advantages, combined with domestic and foreign advanced production technology, has launched a variety of different models of pebbles sand making production line with the principles of low energy consumption and high yield, improves the crushing market, and become an important crushing equipment in mines.

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The cobblestone processed by the crusher is widely used to replace the natural sand, used in construction, road, railway and other industries, and is also widely used in water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants. What is the configuration of cobble sand making production line? How much does a complete production line cost?

At present, Luoyang Dahua Heavy sand making machine production line has two ways: one is fixed sand making production line, the other is mobile sand making production line. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two different production lines? Below Luoyang Dahua will introduce their characteristics.

1. Fixed sand making production line

Equipment configuration: the production line is generally composed of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cobble sand making machine, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, conveyor and other equipment. In order to reduce the loss of fine sand, we can also configure the fine sand recovery machine to improve the utilization rate of resources and reduce the investment cost.

Advantages: high crushing rate, high production efficiency, strong processing capacity. At present, the maximum output of fixed cobble sand making production line is thousands of tons.

Disadvantages: It is necessary to use concrete for foundation, which is inconvenient for disassembly and handling.

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2. Mobile sand making production line

Equipment configuration: The mobile sand making production line is generally composed of two or more mobile crushers, one of which is equivalent to a small production line. It is mainly composed of jaw crusher, sand making machine, sieve machine, feeder, conveyor and other equipment. The specific needs to determine the configuration of several equipment and the equipment configured on mobile equipment according to the actual treatment of customers.

Advantages: Can be configured according to production needs, more flexible, can be directly moved to the raw material site for operation, no piling, intelligent design, no excessive manpower input, can save a lot of manpower, infrastructure, raw material transportation costs for customers.

Disadvantages: Due to the high technical requirements of the production process, the total cost of equipment production is higher, so the market price of equipment is higher.

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How much does it cost to configure the cobblestone sand making production line?

A fixed sand-making production line is between a few hundred thousand, and a mobile sand-making equipment can cost upwards of a million. However, as the equipment configuration and model selection of these two types of sand making production lines are uncertain, the price is not fixed. Through online consultation, Dahua professional sales manager can provide you with a reasonable selection of sand making production line and detailed quotation of relevant equipment.