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What makes the Discharging Pipe of Sand Making Machine blocking?

author:dahua time:2018-03-14

The sand making machine will be blocked if it is used for a long time. What reason cause this phenomenon? 


1. The materials feed too fast, which may increase the load and block the discharging pipe. Therefore, during working process, we should pay attention to the deflection of the current meter to avoid overloading. Once the abnormal condition occurs, should immediately close a bit of the feeding door or completely, or changing the feeding mode, like adding the feeding device to control the feeding amount.


2. Too fast feeding will cause the air distributor to be blocked. Improper matching of the conveying equipment will result in wind attenuation or no wind. In this condition, we should clean the pipe, change the unmatched conveying equipment and adjust the feeding load to make the machine running normally.


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3. The aging of machine wearing parts, the sieve mesh is blocked and broken, and the materials with high water content would cause the blockage of sand making machine. We should regularly replace the damaged or aging parts to keep the machine in good working condition, and check the sieve mesh as well as the materials' water content (water content less than 14%) to enhance the working efficiency and increase the machine stability.


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