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Which Fields are Mobile Crusher used in?

author:dahua time:2019-12-03

Mobile crusher is to fix the crushing and screening equipments required by the whole production line on the truck plate, and then match with the tire or caterpillar, so that it has mobility. The mobile crusher adopts a variety of configurations forms according to the types of processed raw materials, the scale and the requirements of finished materials, which is flexible and convenient. Therefore, the mobile crushing station has a broad market space. Can mobile crusher be used in all fields, regardless of location? Here, we focus on explaining the application field of mobile crusher.

mobile crusher used field

First of all, we should know that mobile crusher is also a complete crushing production line, including feeding, crushing and screening units. According to the needs of users, it can be configured as primary crushing plant, secondary crushing plant and so on. The main types include: mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, and mobile impact crusher, which can realize coarse and medium fine crushing operations in various industries.

Because the mobile crusher has the characteristics of flexible transition, it can reduce the complicated operation of the installation site, material transportation and other links, it is suitable for construction waste treatment, highway and railway construction, open-pit coal mine and underground mine operation. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that although the mobile crushing station does not have high requirements on the site, it is necessary to make sure that the site is flat and the ground will not sink during operation, so as to ensure the stability of equipment operation.

mobile jaw crusher

Following, I will introduce the advantages of Luoyang Dahua mobile crusher.

1. Integrated design, flexible and convenient

Integrated unit equipment assembly eliminates the multifarious site foundation requirements of the separated components and reduces the consumption of manpower and material resources. The overall modular layout improves the mobility and flexibility of the equipment.

2. Materials to be processed directly at site, reduce the material transportation cost

The mobile crusher can realized crushing and screening of materials on site according to the customer requirements. No need to move materials to other sites for reprocessing, saving operation time and reducing material transportation costs.

mobile cone crusher

3. Combined flexible, configured as required

The mobile crusher can flexibly combine the crushing plant according to different requirements of site, material and granule shape, which can be "crushing - screening" or "screening - crushing". In addition, it can also be designed to hydraulic drive or power drive according to the customer actual site conditions.

4. Stable performance and easy maintenance

Luoyang Dahua mobile crusher USES our excellent crusher, feeder and vibrating screen. The hydraulic and electrical system is designed and developed by experienced technicians of the company. Based on the company's good reputation in the industry, the designed mobile crusher has mature technology, stable performance and easy maintenance.

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