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How to deal with the Noise of Crusher Machine?

author:dahua time:2019-12-02

The crusher will produce a lot of noise in the production process, which will not only endanger the operator's own health, but also affect the daily life of the surrounding residents. After decades of research and production, Luoyang Dahua from the perspective of customers and in accordance with the national environmental policy, the noise of crusher machine is controlled to the lower level. Here, Luoyang Dahua technicians combined with years of production experience, to explain to you the processing method of crusher noise. 

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1. Mechanical failure of equipment, resulting in additional noise. If the belt is off-track, it will cause the sound of the product belt hitting; excessive discharge, a large number of stones hit the crusher to produce noise; the noise of machine resonance caused by falling foundation of machine. If such noise occurs, the first time should contact technical personnel to solve the fault, to avoid greater loss.

2. The operator should pay attention not to feed too much, to avoid too much stone jam the crusher, if they are not crushed in time. At the same time, crusher manufacturers should also try to improve the automation of crusher equipment, to realized automatic production. It not only improves working conditions, but also reduces the noise spread.

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3. When installing crusher, users should carefully choose the installation site and try to stay away from residents' living areas. Also consider whether there is an effective noise barrier nearby and the noise level is strictly in accordance with the noise regulations and cannot exceed the limit.

4. When installing the equipment, the user should try to install the crusher equipment as centrally as possible. The configuration and installation of crusher machine should be as reasonable and centralized as possible to avoid excessive noise sources.

Above is the processing method of crusher noise, if you have any problem or want to know more information about the crusher, please visit: or send email to

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