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Which Materials can be crushed by Hammer Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-04-13

Hammer crusher is one of the earliest equipment appeared in the crushing industry and has a certain influence. With the technology improvement over the years, hammer crusher has been greatly improved, which not only has obvious effect in mining machinery industry, but also has good market in coal, chemical industry and metallurgical industry.


Hammer crusher as a kind of crushing equipment, is used to break the stone into finished products at one time. It's worth noting that hammer crusher cannot be used for the crushing of all kinds of stones. Which materials can be crushed by hammer crusher? The stone with the hardness less than 200Mpa, such as limestone, dolomite, bluestone, coal and gangue, as well as the soft iron mine of small particle and the wear-resistant materials can crushed by hammer crusher.


There are many types of hammer crusher, which can be divided into single rotor type  and double rotor type according to the number of rotary axis. By the row number of hammer head, it is divided into single row type and double row type; by the rotating direction, it is classified into irreversible type and reversible type; by the installation way of hammer head, it is divided into fixed type and movable type (fixed hammer type is only used for fine grinding of materials).


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