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Which Matters should be noted when install the Sand Washer?

author:dahua time:2018-05-03

In recent years, sand making industry has become more and mre popular and the sand making equipments are selling well at home and abroad. The demand of sand and aggregagtes promotes the continuous development of sand washer. Belows is the matters that we need to pay attention when install the sand washer:


1. Please install the machine based on the drawing to make sure the inclined angle meets the requirement.


2. After the arrival of the sand washer, the user should check whether there is missing or damaged parts of the macine. After confirmation, the sand washer can be installed.


3. The user must design the foundation drawing according to the site situation, and install the sand washer on the solid concrete foundation.


4. The motor is mounted on the slid rail in order to adjust the tightness of the belt. The belt pulley should be parall with the motor pulley during installation.


5. After the adjustment, please turn the rotor disk to check whether there is any jam or collision.