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How to solve the Abrasion Problem of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-05-07

The working parts of jaw crusher are two pieces of jaw plates. One is fixed jaw plate that installed vertical to the front wall of machine body, the other is movable jaw plate, which is tilt, and forming the crushing cavity together with the fixed jaw plate. The movable jaw plate does the periodic reciprocating motion to the fixed jaw plate, sometimes it's separate, and sometimes it's close. When these two plates separate, the materials fall into the crushing cavity, when they close each other, the materials between the plates are crushed by the force of squeezing, bending and splitting.


jaw crusher


To solve the abrasion problem of jaw crusher, we should firstly understand the abrasion reason. Generally speaking, rolling contact will cause abrasion, and the sliding contact also can result in fatigue wear, such as the two rolling bodies generate plastic deformation casing by shearing stress. For different kinds of abrasion, we need to do case-by-case. Normally, according to the machine texture and the roughness of linear surface, we can change the hardness through heat treatment to avoid the abrasion brought by rolling contact.


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