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Which Kind of Crusher is used for the Crushing of Glimmerite?

author:dahua time:2018-05-08

The beneficiation technology of glimmerite is mainly divided into dry blowing and floatation. Dry blowing is to use crusher to break the glimmerite and then the materials are screening, grading and blowing. Floatation is the mineral grinding after crushing. When the glimmerite reaches into a certain fineness, it is peeled from the gangue by using potion. This method is mainly used in the alkaline pulp.


From the above description, we learned that no matter the dry blowing or floatation, we need to crush the materials before mineral separation. Which kind of crusher is used for glimmerite crushing?


At present, the common used crusher in the market is jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and hammer crusher. All these four types of crusher are capable for glimmerite crushing. Jaw crusher is the first choice of coarse crushing for various kinds of ore and rocks. Impact crusher is applied for the highway stone production. Cone crusher has long service life, low power consumption and high production efficiency, which is the most suitable machine for glimmerite crushing. With the principle of lamination crushing, the crushed material has natural flaky shape that is useful for the dry blowing of glimmerite.