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Which Small Crusher can be used in Small Stone Production Line?

author:dahua time:2021-03-09

In addition to the small jaw crusher mentioned in the last article, what other small crushers can be used for sand production lines with an hourly output of less than 100 tons?

1. Small hammer crusher

Small hammer crusher is suitable for small batch operation requirements, also there is large size to choose from.

Main features: The use of high speed hammer head to break stone, forming good shape, affordable price. But the hammer head wears faster when crushing high hardness stones, which is suitable for crushing medium hardness ore.

hammer crusher good particle shape

2. Roller crusher

Small roller stone crusher, complete model, diversified purchase choice.

Main features: The use of double grinding roller crushing each other, suitable for small batch operation requirements. The roller crusher has affordable price, simple structure, convenient operation, good finished products, and the effect of sand making.

roller toothed crusher factory price

The above two kinds of stone crushers have corresponding small type to choose from. Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness and the following materials. It can be used for coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing processing for one time. Because the hammer head is easy to wear, generally do not recommend crushing high hardness ore. Roller crusher adopts double-roll extrusion method to break stone, which can break high hardness ore, has the effect of sand making, and cheaper than sand making machine. Generally it is suitable for small batch crushing and sand making demand.

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