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Working Process and Operation Attention of Rod Mill

author:dahua time:2020-05-19

Rod mill is a very common mine equipment, adopting cylindrical rotary device, and is composed of feeding part, discharging part, turning part, transmission part and other main parts. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the lining can be disassembled and replaced, and the rotary gear is processed by castings. The cylinder body is equipped with wear-resistant lining board, which has good wear resistance.

rod mill machine at factory

The inside part of the barrel is divided into four areas: throwing zone, dropping zone, grinding zone and crushing zone. When the barrel body of the rod mill rotates, the grinding process is attached to the lining board of the barrel body and rotates with the barrel body. When the abrasive body is brought to a certain height, it falls down freely due to gravity and crushes the material in the mill. In addition to the movement of rising and falling, the grinding body will also slide and roll to grind the material in the mill. The ground material flows slowly from the feed end to the discharge end by virtue of the difference in the height of the feed surface inside the mill, so as to complete the grinding operation.

rod mill for cement grinding

Matters needing pay attention in operation

1. The low pressure oil gauge of the thin oil station shows that the oil pressure is not less than 0.2mpa.

2. The oil pressure and air pressure of the jet lubrication device shall be no less than 0.5mpa and no less than 0.2mpa separately.

3. Return oil temperature shall not be higher than 50℃.

4. The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than 0.1mpa.

5. The running current of the main motor is no higher than 36A.

6. The temperature of the motor bearing shall not exceed 80℃, the stator temperature shall not exceed 100℃, and the temperature of the main bearing shall not exceed 55℃.

7. Under normal circumstances, the bar mill is not allowed to be started twice within one hour.