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bauma China 2020 | Exhibition Day 3, Attention because of Strength

author:dahua time:2020-11-26

Today is the third day for Luoyang Dahua attends bauma China 2020, although it is a working day, there is still no reduction in the number of visitors at the exhibition site. Compared with the whirlwind tour of the past two days, today the visitors all start to have a clear goal and go straight to their favorite booth. This exhibition lasts for four days. If you want to know more about Dahua equipment, please follow us.

bauma site


customer visit Dahua booth H.18

bauma China 2020 is coming to an end,Luoyang Dahua sales team also constantly receive the industry professionals from all over the world, through professional and reliable product display, warm and thoughtful on-site service, patient and meticulous explanation, to show you the style and strength of Dahua.

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition, I hope more friends can know us, please visit to get more details about the machine, or you can leave message to

sales manager introduce crusher to the customer