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Why High Efficiency Complex Crusher is called High Efficiency?

author:dahua time:2018-11-06

High efficiency complex crusher can be called efficiency, because its feed is smooth, inner fault rate is low, wearing parts are upgrade and the structure is reformed. It is because of these factors, the complex crusher can play its high efficiency.

1. Smooth feeding

High efficiency complex crusher improves the feeding mode, enhances the feeding amount and fluency, and ensures that the high efficiency complex crusher will not be blocked or breaks the material in the production process. Smooth feeding is the precondition of high efficiency operation of complex crusher.

2. Low inner fault rate

Through the improvement of internal structure and rotor, the high efficiency complex crusher can improve production efficiency, ensure internal stability, reduce the fault rate, avoid the possibility of maintenance due to inner failure, and greatly improve the working efficiency.

     complex crusher     complex crusher

3. Upgrade of vulnerable parts

High efficiency complex crusher abandons the tradition hammerhead, instead of adopting the plate hammer, and applying the advanced wear-resistant materials for processing, which prolong the service life of wearing parts.

4. Improvement of structure

High efficiency complex crusher adopts split type machine frame, and the rotor is designed in cone shape. The improvement of structure not only enhances the production efficiency, but also reduces the difficulty of wearing parts replacement and maintenance.