PFL vertical complex crusher is ideal equipment for fine crushing in cement plant, which can realize more crushing and less grinding, decrease the consumption of the energy. It is widely used for crushing cement raw material and clinker, also can be widely used for solvents and raw materials fine crushing in metallurgical industry and various hard mineral crushing processing in other construction, building materials, chemical industry and some other fields.


1. Simple structure, high throughput, high crushing ratio, high rate of final product, low energy consumption.

2. The hammer and liner apply wear resistant complex alloy material, which is of high hardness and high toughness. So the service life of them is long.

3. Good sealing performance, little dust pollution, low noise, stable running, convenient operation and maintenance.

4. According to the needs of customers, the main gear can be designed at the top of the machine or at the bottom.


Model Max. Feed Size
Discharge Size
Rotating Speed
PFL-750Ⅲ ≤100 ≤3,70-90% 800~1350 8~20 45
PFL-1000Ⅲ ≤120 ≤3,70-90% 650~980 15~30 55
PFL-1250Ⅲ ≤150 ≤3,70-90% 510~770 35~45 90
PFL-1500Ⅲ(Ⅱ Ⅸ) ≤180 ≤3,70-90% 430~640 50~70 132
PFL-1750Ⅲ(Ⅱ Ⅸ) ≤200 ≤3,70-90% 420~540 70~100 160
PFL-2000Ⅲ ≤220 ≤3,70-90% 360~540 90~120 200
PFL-2300Ⅲ ≤240 ≤3,70-90% 330~450 120~160 250

Remark: The above capacity is based on the limestone with bulk density 1.6t/m³ and for reference only. The capacity will be affected by many factors such as compressive strength, crushability, corrosion resistance, bulk density, aggregate grading, moisture, crystalline, processing flow.

Machine Photo

pfl complex crusher 1

pfl complex crusher 2

Customer Cases

PFL complex crusher application 1

600t/h aggregates production at Yunnan Province, China.

The main equipment: ZSW1360 vibrating feeder, PFQ1315 impact crusher, C1210 jaw crusher, PFL2300Ⅲ vertical complex crusher, 4YK2475 vibrating screen.

PFQ impact crusher application 2

2000t/h Limestone Production at Mengzi Country, Yunnan Province.

The main equipment: ZSW1860 vibrating screen, JC140 jaw crusher, PFQ1520 impact crusher, 3YK3280 vibrating screen, PFL1750 complex crusher, 2YK3073 vibrating screen


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