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Test Run of Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2019-08-07

Any machine should be tested after installation, and the impact crusher is no exception. The test run of impact crusher includes no-load test run and load test run. Through the test run, some faults and problems of the equipment can be found in advance. Only by finding and solving these problems can the normal operation of the crusher be guaranteed. Therefore, the test run of impact crusher is necessary and important.

impact crusher

No-load test run 

1. Perform the no-load operation for 2 hours. Start the motor, it should run clockwise by viewing from top. If it runs anticlockwise, adjust wires of motor immediately.

2. Make sure the rotor drive evenly, no small vibration of the machine, no unusual noise, no great vibration of the body. Or, stop the machine and inspect.

3. Check that bearing temperature should not exceed 45℃.

4. Fasteners should be solid connected, no loose; especially the rotor, impact plate, scale board of top-cover and foundation bolts should be reliable connectivity. If there are other anomalies, should remove.

Load test run 

1. Re-plus molybdenum disulfide or Mobil motor premium grease before test.

2. Start order for crusher and belt conveyor: belt conveyor (discharge) - crusher - belt conveyor (feed)

Stop order for crusher and belt conveyor: belt conveyor (feed) – crusher - belt conveyor (discharge)

Start the crusher with no-load and feed until the machine running usual.

3. Keep running with load continually for 8 hours.

4. The stable temperature of bearing should not more than 90℃(environmental temperature is below 45℃). If it exceeds 90℃, stop the machine immediately, determine the cause and eliminate.

5. The largest feed size should be consistent with design requirements, prohibit the materials larger than provision breaking into the cavity.

6. Feed should be uniform and continuous. The max. feed quantity is the same with design, overload is forbidden.

7. Make sure no evident or periodical strike while the rotor running.

impact crusher

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