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Coal Gangue Crushing Production Line

The coal gangue crusher with crushing capacity of 10-160 tons per hour is PFL vertical compound crusher. This crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment developed in 1990s by introducing and absorbing the technology of foreign vertical shaft hammer crusher. The machine is widely applied in the industry of building material, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry and power industry, such as crush cement clinker, gypsum, blast furnace slag, iron ore, limestone, sandstone, granite, gold ore, molybdenum ore, coal gangue, lump coal, asbestos ore, and phosphate rock, etc. The vertical impact crusher adopted with new type of high chromium alloy plate can break high hardness materials like pebble.

pfl cmplex crusher

Working principle of coal gangue crusher

When the materials fall into cylindrical body from the hopper, firstly receive the impacting force from the first upper rotor hammer, and throw to the impact plate along the rotor tangential direction at high speed. The materials bounce to the crushing cavity under the action of gravity, receiving the impact again from the hammer, and then throw to the impact plate to repeat the above process. When the particle size of the crushed material is smaller than the discharge clearance of rotor in the first stage, the material enters into the crushing chamber of the second stage under the action of gravity. The second stage crushing process is the same as that of the first stage, but the difference is that the linear velocity of the second rotor stage is higher than that of the first stage, and the impact force on the material is greater, so the material can be crushed more finely. When the material is crushed to the final product size, it is discharged from the discharge opening. 

The working principle of coal gangue crusher is to crush materials by impact and extrusion with board hammer. The process of coal gangue crusher is through type crushing. It only lasts for 2~3s from the material falling into the inlet to discharge out. So the throughput is fast, the output is high. Coal gangue crusher combines two kinds of crushing methods. The first stage reflects the characteristic of the impact crusher. The large materials are broken into small pieces by high-speed impact. The second level reflects the characteristic of the extruder. The small pieces are crushed into powder and fine particles through impact, extrusion and crushing.  The crushed materials rotate and fall down in the body to be fully crushed.  

gangue crusher|complex crusher

Characteristic of coal gangue crusher 

1. Large crushing ration, the max. feed granularity is 100~220mm, the discharge granularity less than 3mm accounts for more than 90% (including 30%~60% of the powder). The discharge particle size can be adjusted. It can be used for stone shaping without grate, processing humidity material is not easy to block.

2. High energy utilization, single motor, unit output power consumption is 1.29KW•h/t.

3. Worked with all mill, the output of the mill can be increased by 30%~40%, and the power consumption of the system can be reduced by 20%~30%.

4. Less wearing parts. The wearing part is made of high wear-resistant alloy, with small abrasion and long service life.

5. Stable running, good sealing, less dust and low noise.

6. Simple structure, easy operation, small floor space, convenience for installation and maintenance. 

【Application of coal gangue crusher】

Coal gangue crusher has high output, low noise and good crushing efficiency.  It solves the problem of fast wear of hammer head and lining plate of old crusher. The coal gangue crusher is mainly used for crushing the coal cinder, furnace slag, shale, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials in the brick and tile factory. The coal gangue crushed by the coal gangue crusher can be used to make non-burning hollow bricks. No (less) land used for making bricks to save land resources; Turn waste into treasure and reduce environmental pollution.

【Crushing process of coal gangue crusher】

The coal gangue after coarse crushing is sent to the impact crusher or cone crusher for secondary crushing by the conveying equipment. The fine crushed materials are classified into two kinds by vibrating screen. The materials with the granularity meeting the requirement of sand making machine are sent to sand making machine, the other parts can be returned to the crusher for further crushing until the products granularity meet the requirement. The whole production line has good output, low energy consumption, high automation, low operation cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution and easy maintenance.



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