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3 Tips to help you quickly choose Sand Washer

author:dahua time:2020-01-21

There are more types of sand washer, it is important to choose suitable sand washer for you own production line. When choose sand washer, besides pay attention to the price, do not buy secondhand equipment, does field survey of sand washer manufacturer, the following 3 tips also need to be noticed:
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1. Consider the yield
Generally speaking, under the same power condition, the output of three-in-one sand washer is better than that of bucket wheel sand washer, and the output of bucket wheel sand washer is better than that of spiral sand washer.
2. Consider the sand loss rate
Three-in-one sand washer has the effect of tailings recovery, so the sand loss rate of three-in-one sand washer is less than the other two kinds of sand washer. Secondly, compared with the spiral sand washer, the sand loss rate of bucket wheel sand washer is also less, the sand loss rate of spiral sand washer is relatively higher.
3. Consider the sand and stone cleaning effect
Three-in-one sand washer and spiral sand washer has longer turnover and cleaning time, so its cleaning effect is better than the bucket wheel sand washer.
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To sum up, different sand washer will have its own advantages and disadvantages, so we should choose the appropriate sand washer according to the actual situation, and consult the professional manufacturing plant. Luoyang Dahua has more than 30 years in manufacturing crusher machine, mill machine, sand washer, and vibrating screen, the products are widely applied in mining, construction, highway, metallurgy field, if you want to know more about our machine, please visit:, or send email to