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How to select the Crusher Type of the 4 Kinds of Mainstream Crusher Equipment

author:dahua time:2020-02-24

Crusher equipment as the main crushing machine in the sand making production line, there are many types for option. How to select the suitable type of crusher machine according to their own needs? Today, we will introduce from the machine performance and characteristic.

1. Jaw crusher

The reason why it is called jaw crusher, because it mainly through two jaw plates to carry out material crushing. Jaw crusher contains a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. Through the periodic reciprocating motion of movable jaw plate, when the movable jaw plate move away from the fixed jaw plate, materials enter into the crushing cavity, when the two jaw plates closed, the materials are crushed. Both hard and soft materials can be crushed in the jaw crusher. 

Jaw crusher has simple structure, uniform discharging granularity, which is widely applied for primary crushing of rock and stone. Moreover, jaw crusher has low price and easy for maintenance.

jaw crusher

2. Cone crusher

Cone crusher are often used for medium hard materials crushing, adopting of laminating crushing principle, the grain size is more uniform. But not suitable for adhesive materials crushing. At the same time, there are two types of cone crusher, hydraulic and spring, which can meet different needs. In addition, its another big advantage is that it has a variety of crushing cavity to choose, according to their own needs to choose super thick, thick, medium, fine, super fine type crushing cavity. Therefore, the equipment structure is complex, the maintenance may be a little difficult, and the cost is relatively high.

hpy cone crusher

3. Impact crusher

Impact crusher uses impacting force to break the material. Same as cone crusher, it is used for the medium crushing of materials. But the difference is that the impact crusher is suitable for soft hardness materials crushing, with side length of 50 cm or less. 

Impact crusher has small volume, high productivity, and less stone powder, used in building materials, railways, highways and other fields.


impact crusher

4. Gyratory crusher

The gyratory crusher is a new type of crusher, it is driven by the motor to rotate the horizontal axis, the horizontal axis through the gear to drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate, and then by the eccentric sleeve to drive the cone to do circular swing, so as to achieve the continuous crushing of stones. 

The processing capacity of gyratory crusher can be changed by replacing the eccentric sleeve to adapt to the different configuration requirements of the crushing plant, low production cost, convenient maintenance and adjustment, suitable for all kinds of customer requirements for coarse crushing operations.

gyratory crusher

The above are often used crusher equipment in the market. Each has its own characteristics, comprehensive comparison, according to different material hardness, capacity requirements, discharge size, and feed particle size, the suitable equipment types are very different. In the selection of crusher equipment, in addition to looking at the performance parameters of the equipment, it also needs to compare their own needs, to choose the appropriate crusher equipment. If you want to know details information of the machine, please visit the website: or contact the online service or send email to to get latest quotation.