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4 Factors affecting the Service Life of Crusher Machine

author:dahua time:2020-10-16

With the development of China's construction, metallurgy, cement and other industries, the crusher application market is more and more extensive. When buying crusher, customers must choose a good reputation, good quality manufacturers. The service life of good quality crusher is longer than that of the general one. But the factors that affect the service life of the crusher equipment are more than this, the following Luoyang Dahua experts give you a specific summary.

stone crusher machine

1. The natural environment where the crusher machine is located. Factors such as heat, cold, rain, snow, wind and altitude in the natural environment will have a great impact on the normal use of crushing machinery. Crushing machinery in the heat, cold and other conditions, should take the necessary measures to protect the crushing machinery, and according to the actual situation, some of the equipment parameters need to adjustment.

2. Poor wear resistance of parts. If the main parts of the equipment are made of poor materials or wear resistance materials, it can affect the whole machine using time. In the work process, if the material is too hard, and the wear resistance of machine components is not high, with the increase of abrasion, the machine parts may fracture. According to statistics, frequent damage to components will not only shorten the service life of the machine, but also lead to some failures.

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3. Frequent oil spills. The return pipe was blocked during operation due to poor conditions and excessive dust. Accumulation of dirt can impede the flow of oil, leading to oil leak. Due to poor lubrication or hydraulic pressure, may damage crusher parts. And if the quality of the hydraulic components and seals do not meet the standard, easy to leak oil, not play the role of iron protection, it is easy to cause serious damage to the internal components. Therefore, frequent oil leakage will cause serious damage to the equipment, thus reducing the service life of the crusher equipment.

4. Crusher maintenance. The maintenance of crushing machinery is the premise and foundation for the use of crusher machine. Whether there are non-breakable materials piled up in the crushing chamber, whether lubricating oil is added on time, and whether the wires and other impurities in the crushing chamber are cleaned in time. All the neglected details of this work will inevitably accelerate the wear and tear of the consuming parts, even leads to the scrapping of the crusher, shortening the service life given by the factory.

Only according to the crusher operation specifications to operate the machine, the output will be higher, the service life of the machine will be longer. Luoyang Dahua is specialized in the production of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, mobile crushing station, sand washer, and other machineries used in gravel production line. With its professional workmanship, strong researching and developing ability, and advanced technology, our company produces high quality products which win reputation from the customer. Please visit our Alibaba shop or send Email: to get latest quotation.