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4 Reasons and Solution of Slow Feeding of Stone Vibrating Feeder

author:dahua time:2020-04-30

Stone vibrating feeder is a common used feeding machinery, ifs function is feeding, or rather, automatic feeding. Therefore, it can be understood that if the vibrating feeder fails, the working efficiency will be reduced and the overall production speed will be affected. So next, we will look at 4 reasons and solutions for the slow feeding of the vibrating feeder.

stable vibrating feeder

1. Insufficient inclination

Solution: adjust the installation Angle. Raise/lower the fixed positions at both ends of the feeder according to the field conditions.

2. The included Angle of eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibrating motor is inconsistent

Solution: adjust by checking that the two vibrating motors are consistent.

3. The vibration direction of the vibrating motor is the same

Solution: the wiring of any vibrating motor needs to be adjusted to ensure that the motors are running in opposite directions and that the vibration trajectory of the vibrating feeder is straight.

stone vibrating feeder

4. Insufficient excitation force of vibration motor

Solution: adjust the excitation force by adjusting the phase of the eccentric block. The two eccentric blocks are fixed and the other is movable. Loosen the bolt of the active eccentric block. When the phase of the eccentric block coincides, the excitation force reaches the peak and decreases in turn. During adjustment, the phase of the eccentric blocks of the same set of motors shall be ensured to be consistent.

To sum up, the above is the 4 reasons and solution for stone vibrating feeder. If you have other problems during operation, please contact our professional sales manager or send email to