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Advantages of Efficiently Crushing Construction Waste Using Mobile Crushing Stations

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-24

The construction waste crushing system is a mobile crushing station that has been continuously researched and developed in the market in recent years, and the construction waste is not concentrated. Traditional site selection and fixed crushing will increase the cost of recycling construction waste and will also cause secondary pollution during the transfer of construction waste. At present, all factors will lead to excessive construction waste disposal costs, and ultimately construction waste will be selected for landfill disposal. The application of mobile crushing stations has clearly solved this social contradiction.

The advantages of the crawler type mobile crushing station are flexible, small footprint, direct access to the construction site, low on-site requirements, almost no commissioning time for equipment, fast production speed and good docking for efficient construction projects. The structure of Dahua Heavy Industry Mobile Crushing Station is divided into feeder module, crushing host module, screening module, power module and walking module.

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The following is a description of the most relevant work modules for construction waste disposal:

1.The feeder

The main function of the feeder is to uniformly feed the material to prevent impact damage caused by the uneven receiving of the material by the crushing machine.

The feeder of the mobile crushing station uses a double-step purlin vibrating feeder to pre-screen the raw materials. After the pre-screening, the user can also choose the iron remover to reduce the damage of the unbreakable material to the machine.

2. Crushing main machine

The crushing main engine is the core component of the mobile crushing station. Whether the initial material of the construction waste is capable of deep processing can play an important role.

The CC series high-efficiency jaw crusher developed by the crawler type mobile crushing plant jaw crusher after advanced advanced technology. It adopts high wear-resistant material and has the characteristics of large feed size, wide discharge range, high output, low noise, environmental protection and long service life.

In order to ensure the performance of construction waste recycled aggregates, Dahua Heavy Industry CMC has made special optimization design for crushing capacity and crushing efficiency of crusher to meet the market demand of construction waste disposal.

Luoyang Dahua Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

3. Screening system

In the construction waste treatment process, the user can select the pre-screening and returning screen system according to the actual use to achieve the pre-screening and closed-circuit circulation function. To ensure the performance quality of recycled aggregate after crushing.

The wearing parts of the screening belt conveyor are all made of high wear-resistant material, which reduces the replacement frequency of the wearing parts and prolongs the service life.

4. Walking module

The walking module of the crawler type mobile crushing station has lower grounding ratio, stable walking, good passability and good adaptability to various sites. Almost all-terrain full-power adaptation, automatic walking ability, easy to achieve in-situ operation in a narrow field. 200m anti-interference remote control operation, fully guarantee the safety of operators.

The highly integrated and automated nature of the tracked mobile crushing station is more efficient and convenient in addressing traditional construction waste disposal. It is completely like a small construction waste treatment plant on foot. It is also the corporate vision of “smart, convenient, advanced, efficient” product manufacturing and marketing concepts as a manufacturer of portable aggregates, solid waste treatment and sustainable development.