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Advantages of Sand Making Machine in Artificial Sand Making

author:dahua time:2020-03-12

Sand making machine is an important sand making machinery, its performance advantage greatly satisfies the sand making machine market. Now, with the coming of infrastructure construction, the application of sand making machine will be wider. What is the advantage of sand making machine in artificial sand making?

new type sand making machine

The new sand making machine is simple in structure, convenient in operation, maintenance and installation, low production cost, can be used for grinding and fine crushing of stone aggregates. The finished products are uniform, most of which are cubes with low iron pollution and high production efficiency. Strong processing capacity of non-broken materials, not affected by the material water content, water content up to 8%. The machine working noise is less than 75 db, with light weight, various installation methods, and movable installation features.

The production of artificial sand and stone can be dry and wet production, in consideration of environmental protection, sand classification can use wind sorter, which is conducive to environmental protection and stone powder content adjustment and control at any time. New type sand making machine has "stone beat stone" and "stone beat iron" two types in working principle, can be adjusted according to the material actual situation to greatly improve the production capacity.

sand making machine stable operation

The sand making machine and other crusher equipment produced by Luoyang Dahua are more mature in the whole production process of artificial sand and stone. In order to continuously meet the growing economic demand, large sand making machine, sand making machine and crusher equipment are more widely used, in the dual requirements of automation and environmental protection, sand making machine has become the first choice in sand production. Welcome the customer consult the online service or send email to